Ottobock Agilium® knee osteoarthritis braces help user stay active

Paul Marshall has always been active. As a former hockey player, recreational skier and golfer, and hockey referee for more than 30 years, he is constantly on the move.

Years ago, after a surgery for a tibial cyst on his left knee led to medial compartmental osteoarthritis, Paul knew a knee replacement was in the near future. “My orthopaedic surgeon wants me to wait four more years for replacement,” Paul says. “He advised full-time use of an unloading brace.”

Now in his fifties, Paul has worn Ottobock’s Agilium Reactive knee osteoarthritis brace every day since receiving it a year and a half ago. Although he experiences osteoarthritis- related issues, he says the primary reason he uses the brace is that his left leg is slightly bowlegged. “After years of skating and skiing, I basically don’t have any meniscus on the interior of my knee.”

In October 2019, Ottobock added a new brace to its Agilium line of knee orthoses — Agilium Vantage. Designed with lightweight, breathable material, the Agilium Vantage is a soft, wraparound alternative for users who prefer a low- profile alternative to the rigid shell of the Agilium Reactive. The dynamic Y force strap system unloads the knee with a single pull to minimize rotation and reduce pain.

As a hockey instructor, Paul wears the Agilium Vantage to skate without pain. “I am now a firm believer in the Vantage brace,” he says. With hockey season in full swing, he appreciates the extra compression applied using the brace. “I feel I’m skating better, I seem to have picked one of the couple steps I’ve lost with the increase in the osteoarthritis.”

“Having both braces is definitely the way to go,” Paul says. “For use with strenuous physical activity, I’d say Ottobock hit a home run with the Vantage brace.”

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