Prosthetic Knee Solutions

Microprocessor Knees

X3 waterproof prosthetic leg.

X3 waterproof prosthetic leg

The waterproof X3 is quite simply the world’s most technologically advanced microprocessor prosthetic leg.


Genium bionic prosthetic knee

Above-knee prosthesis with: Genium

The Genium microprocessor prosthetic leg is quite simply the closest technology has come to natural walking.


C-Leg microprocessor-controlled hydraulic leg prosthesis system.

C-Leg 4 above knee prosthetic leg

Since 1997, over 60,000 people have used the C-Leg’s proven function and stability, making C-Leg the standard of care.



Kenevo above knee prosthetic leg

Kenevo is the first microprocessor knee designed specifically for the activities and challenges of K2 patients.


Mechanical Knees

3R80 knee joint

Knee joint 3R80

Since the 3R80 knee joint makes it possible to walk on uneven ground in particular, it offers more freedom of movement and greater independence for prosthesis wearers.



New 3R60 knee joint technology with a low net weight adapts to the needs of the user and relieves strain on the residual limb, hip and spine.


3R62 Pheon knee joint

The Pheon makes the biomechanically important, proven EBS technology available to end users with a lower mobility grade.




With our Prosedo 3R31 locking knee amputees with low mobility benefit from the hydraulic sitting assist that can be adapted according to the individual’s body weight and needs.


Product image of a hydraulically controlled knee joint for children

3R67 Knee joint for children

Spontaneity and a joy of discovery are a given for children. Thanks to our hydraulically controlled 3R67 knee joint for children, there’s nothing stopping kids who have had a transfemoral amputation anymore.



Above-Knee Fitness Prosthesis

Using Ottobock carbon fiber running feet in conjunction with the 3S80 knee can help increase your strength and mobility and enhance your overall health and perform your best at any level of competition.



Above-knee water-resistant prosthesis

Head for the water: Wear your leg in the pool, at the beach, or in the shower with waterproof Ottobock prosthetics and Aqualine components.


Cosmetic Solutions

Functional Cosmesis

Do you value the functionality of your C-Leg 4 or Genium? But you also wish your prosthesis would blend inconspicuously into your body image? If so, talk to your orthotics and prosthetics professional (O&P professional) about the Functional Cosmesis.


Natural cosmetic cover for leg prostheses

Silicone cover for lower limb prostheses

Following an amputation, many prosthesis wearers want to recreate the appearance of their leg. This is made possible thanks to the strikingly natural appearance of silicone covers in custom skin colours.