Warranty and Services

Support where you need it

As a global company, Ottobock stays connected no matter where you are in the world. Ottobock’s wide range of complex products means we have the advanced training and know-how to find a solution to any of your repair or service needs. Whether you are traveling or at home in the U.S., our service teams have you covered!

Some Ottobock products, including the C-Leg, Genium, Michelangelo and C-Brace receive periodic servicing to keep them working their best. Check with your practitioner for warranty requirements or contact us with any questions you may have about your warranty.

Warranty and Services FAQs

What does my warranty cover?
Your practitioner can explain the details of your product's warranty. There are two aspects of your device to consider, including the product plus it's components, and the fabrication. Please review the U.S. Warranty Links on the right for more information.

Can I get a copy of my warranty?
Ottobock includes a warranty copy with each product. In case you do not have this, read our warranty information to find the appropiate duration.

I've heard that some products have to be serviced to maintain the warranty. Which products are included in this?
Some Ottobock products, including C-Leg, Genium, Michelangelo and the C-Brace receive servicing from our Service Team that helps keep your product working its best. Speak with your practitioner for more information about servicing.

How do I get a product serviced?
To get your product serviced, you will first need to speak with your practitioner. Your practitioner will then call Ottobock and help send your product into our Service Team. There may be a loaner program involved depending on the type of product needing service.

What if I still have questions after talking to my practitioner?
Please contact us with any other questions involving warranty and services.

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