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On Wednesday, October 27th at 7 PM CST, Aaron will interview Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, model, and actor Kiersten Kelly. Kiersten showed an aptitude and love for singing at a young age and started training in musical theater and classic music before shifting her focus to pop music.

As a someone with a congenital upper limb deficiency, Kiersten was able to get a prosthesis designed specifically for strumming so she could develop her musical talents even further. You may recognize her from her cover of the ‘Cup Song” from the movie “Pitch Perfect” that went viral in 2013.

After Kiersten studied at performing arts high school, Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, she was offered a City Music full-scholarship at Berklee College of Music. During her time there, she found her voice through songwriting. Since then, she’s become an accomplished songwriter, as well as signed model with Zebedee Management and actor with KMR Talent Agency.

Make sure to tune in and RSVP to the event to hear more about Kiersten’s journey navigating the entertainment industry as a person with disabilities, as well as her recent battle with prosthetic insurance coverage, and how she educates others on what it means to be a self-advocate.

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