The Aqualine waterproof orthosis system

Advantages for you

Aqualine bathing orthosis system


All components of the Aqualine orthosis system are waterproof. Chlorine, salt, fresh water, and soap do not impair the functionality nor the appearance of the orthosis. Ottobock has reinforced a high-performance plastic material with carbon fiber to achieve this. You can move about safely in wet areas with Aqualine.

Aqualine orthosis system at the pool


The Aqualine orthosis system is ideal for use in wet areas. Simply remove the loop strap for drying after use. In order to prevent skin irritation, skin contact with the orthosis is minimized. We recommend that your orthotist use antibacterial materials to fabricate the orthosis. This further improves the hygienic characteristics of the orthosis.

Aqualine pull-release cable

Safety first

The knee joint is locked and can be easily unlocked using a pull-release cable when you sit down. When you stand up, the joint automatically locks into place, without the risk of getting caught on clothing. Since the risk of slipping is especially high on wet floors, we recommend the use of a full-surface anti-slip sole. Of course, you can wear a bathing shoe as well.


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Information for users


  • For whom is the Aqualine orthosis system suited?

    The Aqualine orthosis system is suitable for persons with partial paralysis or complete paralysis of one or both legs. Your orthotist will be happy to advise you whether the Aqualine orthosis system is suitable for you.

  • Can I bend my knee with the Aqualine?

    The knee joint of the Aqualine is generally locked, which makes a major contribution to your safety. However, you can easily release the lock at any time when you want to sit down. It engages again automatically when you stand up.

  • What all can I do with the Aqualine?

    The Aqualine orthosis system is designed to be used in wet areas for a limited time. This means you can readily shower and go to the pool with it. All components of the system are waterproof and specifically designed to meet the requirements of wet areas. Afterwards you can clean and dry your waterproof walking aid quickly and easily.

  • Who fabricates the Aqualine?

    If you are interested in the Aqualine, contact your orthotist directly for detailed advice.