Know the difference – IP ratings explained

What is an IP rating?

Life can get a little wet sometimes. Knowing how protected your prosthesis is from exposure to the elements is key to understanding what types of activities you can safely enjoy without worrying about ruining your device. What is weatherproof? What is waterproof? For microprocessor knees, such as the C-Leg and X3, it all comes down to what is called the IP Rating.

The first number indicates protection from solid objects, while the second indicates prodtection from liquids

An IP or “Ingress Protection” rating refers to the degree of sealing effectiveness electrical enclosures have against the intrusion of foreign bodies (solids, dust, dirt etc.) and moisture. IP ratings consist of two digits and play an important role in determining what type of activities you can perform with your microprocessor knee.

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x3 knee underwater

X3 - IP 68

X3 carries the highest level of protection from liquids and solids offered in a microprocessor knee.

  • Protects X3 from damage while being submerged.
  • A corrosion-resistant coating means that you can enjoy activities in fresh, chlorinated and salt water!
  • From the weekend to a demanding work week, X3’s IP 68 rating provides more protection for water-related activities than any other microprocessor knee on the market.


C-Leg microprocessor-controlled hydraulic leg prosthesis system.

C-Leg 4 - IP 67

This rating protects C-Leg 4 from damage due to incidental contact with or temporary submersion in fresh water.

  • Unlike the X3, C-Leg 4 does not have additional corrosion resistance. It was not designed to be routinely submerged or used while showering, in chlorinated pools, or salt water.
  • C-Leg 4 is considered weatherproof so walking in the rain or playing with your kids at the lake are things you can enjoy without worry!


Aaron fishing by a lake while wearing his Genium knees

Genium - IP 67

This rating protects Genium from damage due to incidental contact (like splashes) with fresh water.

  • Similar to C-Leg 4, Genium is also considered weatherproof.
  • Activities like walking in the rain or watering the garden where fresh water could be splashed onto the knee are okay.


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